This project utilizes a camera from the International Space Station to take “selfies.” Glancing at this picture, which was captured from a “selfie” taken from a distance of 400 kilometers, or 570,000 times longer than the average selfie stick, it might just look like the Earth we're all familiar with. But, you exist somewhere in the picture. We are the world ー we are one family, you and I, living on this Earth. And the Earth we live on is a one-of-a-kind, invaluable presence in the universe. If you want change, now is the time. And the person who makes the decision is you.

Use your smartphone to experience a selfie that's both smaller and larger than ever before. Tag the pictures you shoot with #AstralSelfie and share with everyone. Through this experience, let yourself become a part of we the earth. It is there that you will find your true self.

🛰 Where is the camera? 🛰
Tap the camera to start

⚠️ ️Sometime the International Space Station stops broadcasting. Then you can’t do selfie.

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